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Posted April 21, 2010
Marijcke Van Der Merwe - April Employee of the Month

Marijcke Van Der Merwe is the April 2010 All Children’s Hospital Employee of the Month. Marijcke works at All Children’s Therapy Center of Eastlake as a Physical Therapist and has been with All Children’s since 1997. A home health nurse who recognized Marijcke’s Service Excellence nominated Marijcke for Employee of the Month. The nurse said:

Marijcke has worked with one child for many years I bring to Eastlake for therapy. Her persistence, kindness and passion for her work have brought him to maximum performance. She has shared his tears and laughter as he managed to conquer milestones and miracles in his delayed mobility. She has shared in his accomplishments with pride. Marijcke is knowledgeable, loving and compassionate to his needs and the needs of his family. She has taught me and other home health nurses how to better accommodate his disabilities. Her patience, tender tones and understanding are truly a gift for all of us. We thank Marijcke for her dedication to her profession and for all she does to serve our patients and help her healthcare colleagues.

Marijcke's Department Director added:

Marijcke's dedication and devotion to her patients and their progress at the All Children's Therapy Center of Eastlake is only surpassed by her commitment to the physical therapy profession. Marijcke eagerly shares her expertise and consistently strives to provide her patients innovative and effective treatment. Marijcke continues to offer new and exciting treatment techniques to bring about changes and progress in her patients. She shares her patient’s accomplishments and revels in their progress related to their therapy as well as in their lives outside of our Center. All Children's Therapy Center of Eastlake is very fortunate to have a therapist of Marijcke’s experience and talents. 

Marijcke, thank you for your wonderful contributions at the Eastlake Therapy Center, outstanding Service Excellence, and all you do for our patients and families and your profession. Congratulations for being selected the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month!

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