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Posted January 26, 2010
Michele Suarez - January Employee of the Month

Michele Suarez is the January 2010 All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month.  Michele works in Child Life as a Child Life Specialist at the Specialty Care of Tampa and has been with All Children's since 2002.  Michele was nominated for Employee of the Month by a patient who recognized her Service Excellence and said: 

Michele should be Employee of the Month because when I am sad or bored her arts and crafts cheer me up! 

A physician also recognized Michele's Service Excellence saying:

I want to express my sincere gratitude for Michele Suarez's assistance at a recent event and to make you aware of her community work. 

I was asked to moderate a session of the State of Florida Sickle Cell Disease Association over the weekend.  The attendees were parents, families, local Sickle Cell Disease Association Board Members and State Board members who were convening to discuss organizational business and to learn of new topics in the management of sickle cell disease.  The topic of my session was ‘Non-Pharmacologic Management of Pain' scheduled for two hours on a Saturday afternoon.  I invited Michele to be one of the speakers for the session.  She readily volunteered to speak at the session, realizing it was on a weekend and that she would need to bring supplies and develop a presentation.  Michele provided an informative presentation on the use of behaviors and device interventions as well as a discussion of how these non-medication measures relieve pain.  She also engaged the audience in responding to the types of body sites/senses that each behavioral technique affected.  Her slides were well done - very informative, not overwhelming, and easy for lay audience members and professionals to understand. 

I had feedback from many attendees from all over the state, and many wished they had an individual such as Michele and similar programs at their institutions.  It was clearly the most energetic and interactive session of the meeting.  In addition, she brought examples of printed materials for patients and families to review and taught them how to request information for their home institutions. 

Michele did an outstanding job and I was so proud that she is associated with All Children's Hospital.  Her unselfish dedication to expanding knowledge to the community on her own time is easily seen in this circumstance.  We are certainly fortunate to have such an outstanding, engaged, dedicated individual in our program to benefit our patients and their families.  She is an asset to our program, All Children's Hospital, our patients and families and the community. 

Michele, thank you for your outstanding Service Excellence and all you do for our patients, families and community.  Congratulations for being selected the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month!

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