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Posted September 17, 2008
Carol Tiffany named Sept. Employee of the Month

Carol Tiffany, All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month - September 2008Carol Tiffany is the September 2008 All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month.  Carol works in the NICU as an RN III and has been with All Children's since 1987.  Carol was nominated for Employee of the Month by a co-worker who said:    

Carol Tiffany is an excellent caregiver of our NICU babies.  She exemplifies Service Excellence and the mission of All Children's Hospital.  Carol always goes the extra mile for her patients and families.  She is very thorough and gives special attention to detail.  Her knowledge base is vast and she is an extremely helpful resource to less experienced staff.  Carol is a strong patient advocate and works closely with patients, families, physicians, and other ancillary staff to meet the needs of her patients.  Many times, Carol will voluntarily give up her scheduled break times in order to help a family.  Recently, we had a family return to the NICU on a Friday evening after their baby had already been discharged for several weeks after a lengthy stay in the NICU.  This family had run out of feeding supplies for their baby.  They were unable to get replacement supplies until Monday morning.  They were desperate and needed help immediately.  Although Carol had already clocked out for her shift and knowing she was scheduled to return at 6:00 am the next morning, she immediately jumped in to help this family.  Carol remained compassionate and calm in spite of this difficult situation.  Carol helped this family problem solve and came up with a plan to feed the baby.  Carol helped them contact their pediatrician to discuss the possibility of giving bolus feedings versus continuous feedings.  Carol also contacted the medical supply company, which resulted in a special order being placed so the family could get their supplies the morning of the next day.  Another example of Carol's Service Excellence is when she stepped in to offer emotional support for a new dad of one of our patients.  His newborn child had just been diagnosed with a severe complex heart defect.  Several nurses and physicians were working diligently to stabilize his child.  This dad was all alone in a strange city and his baby just received a devastating diagnosis.  Carol explained to the dad everything that was going on and gave him a complete orientation to the NICU to help him during this difficult time.  Carol has also taken on additional difficult unit responsibilities, which include assisting families and staff with end of life concerns and preparations.  A family requested a picture of their baby who was now an angel.  It was after hours and our Gift Shop was closed so Carol went outside the hospital to buy a disposable camera for the family.  This afforded the family an opportunity to have a treasured photo of their baby forever.

Carol's Department Director added:

Carol always puts the patients and families first.  Her interest in and work on developing a bereavement program for the NICU has made a huge difference in the experience and memories that our families go away with after an extremely difficult situation.  Carol goes out of her way to help her co-workers without being asked and seems to always be aware of the needs around her.  She cares about our patients first without exception. 

Carol, thank you for your outstanding Service Excellence and all you do for our patients, families, and staff.  Congratulations for being selected the All Children's Hospital Employee of the Month! 

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