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Posted July 17, 2008
Holly Gullett named the DAISY Award winner for June 2008

Holly Gullet, All Children's Hospital DAISY Award Winner - June 2008

Congratulations to Holly Gullett, RN who is the recipient of the DAISY Award for June. Holly began her career at All Children's in 1999 on Two Southwest and moved to the Nursing Resource Team in May 2007. Holly has been open to any request asked of her and makes every effort to add her expertise to the 2SW staff when they need it. She goes above and beyond what the Resource Team nurses are asked to do. Holly has been the ultimate team player and always has a good spirit and professional way about her. The Director of 2SW has written several notes to the Nursing Resource Team Manager thanking Holly for doing charge and changing not only the days she works, but also the shift to meet their needs.

In a recent nomination for Employee of the Month, a family member wrote, "It takes a special person to care for someone the way you cared for my child. Thank you for being good to my baby and to me... God bless you."

This family knows that Holly has the DAISY award traits of compassion, excellent clinical skills, and an advocate for the child and family, and is a great team player on the health care team.

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