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Posted April 25, 2014
Annual Quality Improvement Awards Showcase Innovation and Teamwork at All Children’s

Quality Awards
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It had all the trappings of the Academy Awards, complete with a red carpet, glitzy photo-ops and an air of anticipation. That Oscars-themed backdrop set the stage for the annual All Children's Hospital Quality Improvement Awards reception Friday, April 18 in the packed auditorium of the Outpatient Care Center.

ACH Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Safety Officer Brigitta Mueller, M.D., revealed the identity of the event's big winners out of 11 submissions hospital-wide. "And the winner is ...," she began with a dramatic flourish, "Same Day Discharge of Pediatric Appendectomy!"

The crowd, which sipped non-alcoholic bubbly from plastic champagne glasses, showered applause and cheers upon the victorious 15-member team.

"This is a great project because we were able to involve people from several different departments and from several different professions - nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists, social work, the whole work," said one of the winners, pediatric surgeon Paul Danielson, M.D. "And in working together, we were able to come up with a better way."

The criteria the teams were judged on were presentation, improving the quality of care, evidence of improved quality, sustainability and innovation, explained event coordinator Tracy West-Grubb, a Quality Advisor at All Children's. She played the role of lively ceremony host to the hilt and stressed that the awards were a true multi-department collaborative to ensure that the entire staff could participate and be celebrated.

New All Children's Chief Operating Officer Roberta Alessi, who recently joined ACH from Children's National Hospital in Washington, D.C., also addressed the gathering and expressed her enthusiasm over the entries. "I'm honored to be part of this event," she said. "As I was walking through and looking at our various posters, I'm so impressed at all the work you and your staff has been doing. It's really important work and shows that we're serious about elevating quality and safety for our families, our patients and our staff.".

She then revealed the second and third runner-ups: Fast Track to Discharge and the PICU Multi-disciplinary Rounds Safety Checklist, respectively. Meanwhile, presentation boards of all of the projects were displayed in the back of the room for fellow staff members to peruse, with such titles as "Standardization of Inpatient Post-Operative Vital Sign Monitoring," "Preventing Pressure Ulcers" and "Scanning Donated Blankets to Enhance Patient Safety."

"I hope that everyone had an opportunity to take a walk around and look at some of the projects that were submitted, and maybe be inspired to go back to your own area and do a project there," said West-Grubb.

Added Dr. Mueller: "I just want to say that everyone in here is a winner. Because you really did all the work for these quality projects."

The winning team was comprised of Nicole Chandler, MD, Paul Danielson, MD, Sandra Farach, MD, Joe Maguire, RN, Richard Harmel, Jr. MD, Beth Walford, MD, Maureen Doyle, RN, Penny Boyd, RN, Susan Byrd, RN, Jay Gould, PhD, JoEllen Harris, RN, Julie Messick, RN, Jacqueline Johannesen, RN, Kathy Renn, RN, and Ann Shelton.

The second place team members were follows: Mary Butler, Terri Folker, Ashley Friedman, Karina Garcia, Deb Hall, Jevon Hibbert, Meghan Mattson, Ann Morse, Ashley Ray, Terry Shimko, Christine Wilson, Lydia Andrews, Jevon Hibbert, De Angela James, Ellen Lee, Kelli Lovejoy, Jackie Martino, and Lynne Buscaino.

The third-place team was made up of Melissa Macogay, RN PICU Director, Michelle Smith, MD PICU Medical Director, Liz Halterman, RN PICU Clinical Leader, Kristen Celona, RN PICU Manager, and Scott Ludes, RN PICU.

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