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Posted September 27, 2013
Cindy Driscoll, RN, Named one of Florida’s “Great 100" Nurses

Cindy Driscoll, RNCindy Driscoll, RN, was named one of Florida's "Great 100″ nurses at the Florida Nurses Association's Celebration Awards Gala held in Orlando on September 20. The event honored 100 of Florida's most admired nurses. The award recognizes the contribution of outstanding nurses who live and practice in Florida. Cindy is the Director of the All Children's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). She was nominated for being a Role Model-Nurse who demonstrates excellence in the nursing profession. 

During her career at All Children's Hospital, Cindy has become a strong role model respected for her inclusive leadership style, her advocacy on behalf of patients, families and staff, and her emphasis on educating and engaging families coping with acute and chronic illness.

At All Children's Hospital, she has been Director of Early Intervention (now Early Steps), Director of the 56-bed Pediatric Medicine Unit (8N&8S) and, since 2011, Director of the NICU. In this role she demonstrates excellence in Administrative Nursing, Education and Advocacy. Leading a staff of nearly 300, Cindy instituted shared governance, priority action plans and participatory leadership within the NICU. The result was significant improvement in nearly every indicator of staff satisfaction ad family satisfaction. She created a Very Low Birthweight Council, Healthy Work Environment Council and Developmental Family-Centered Care Council in addition to the existing councils. Comprised of nurses and other members of the multidisciplinary NICU team, the Councils are key to the success of the shared Governance model she introduced.

"Cindy represents excellence in nursing leadership," said Hella Ewing, ACH Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer.  "This recognition is well deserved.  Cindy is a fierce advocate for her patients and families. I would say she equally advocates for her staff on all levels. The organization is proud to have her represent All Children's Hospital and join 'The Great 100' class of 2013."

Cindy co-chairs our Family Advisory Council, working with parents and teens to improve the inpatient experience. She piloted daily Family-Centered Rounds on 8N &S and brought them to the NICU (they are now standard house-wide). She introduced a series of daily NICU Parent Education classes to help educate and empower families to be more involved in their infant's care. She developed programs to support our Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome neonates and their parents through education here in the hospital as well as in the community. She also introduced new developmental care programs, including music therapy, for NAS patients. On units 8N&8S she led a team of staff and parents in developing the Sensational Kids program, designed to improve the inpatient experience for patients with sensory processing disorders.

She is an administrative champion of the hospital's new clinical ladder program that rewards excellence and professional development. She is a key member of many quality improvement projects and twice received our annual quality improvement award; first while Director of 8N&8S for her role in a medication reconciliation initiative; and most recently for developing and leading a successful study of MRI without sedation in NICU patients. This practice enhances patient safety and has become a standard of care throughout the hospital for patients younger than two, and she was invited to highlight this work at the Johns Hopkins Medicine fourth Annual Patient Safety Summit. She also advocated for patient safety as the chair of our recent Patient Identification Task Force.

At the state level, Cindy advocated for criteria for acuity standards for NICU patients. At the national level, she serves on a collaborative project on preventing blood stream infections in the NICU. At our hospital, she inspires her staff of 300 and nurses throughout the organization to do the very best for patients and families and to continue their own education, growth and development as outstanding nurses.

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