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Safer Radiation Doses for Children

Radiologists play a key role as healthcare providers for children. Radiology and CT scanning is critical in diagnosing illness in children, impacting their treatment, and improving patient outcomes.  At the same time, exposure to radiation is a concern for parents. And since children are more sensitive to radiation than adults, they have a lifetime to manifest health issues. 

Image gently is a national campaign to minimize radiation doses that are required without compromising diagnostic quality. 

All Children’s Hospital is committed to the lowest radiation dose possible and tailors all imaging studies to the size of the child and diagnostic needs.  We do not use adult techniques to study children.

Why We Image Gently

There are many sources of naturally-occurring radiation that surround us, and there are man-made sources that are vital to medicine. 

High levels of radiation exposure increases the risk of developing cancer. Each of the radiology physicians at All Children's Hospital are pediatric specialists who understand growing bodies, and the appropriate radiation levels for their age and size.

Keep Track of Your Child's Imaging

Download and print Image Gently's wallet-sized card to keep track of your child's medical imaging scans. (PDF)

Download our Medical Imaging Scan Card >>


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