Develop a Plan

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The key to any successful fundraiser is to develop a plan. The following is a suggestion of some questions you should ask yourself and steps to establish before starting on your fundraiser.

What Are You Passionate About?
Try to think of an activity you really enjoy when it comes to choosing what type of fundraising event or program you want to organize. Working on a project that involves something you enjoy will make the experience much more fun. If you need some suggestions, please contact the third party coordinator (link to "third party coordinator to contacts page) or click on our Fundraiser Ideas/ Planning Tips link (link this to that page).

Create a Timeline and Establish Some Details
Who do you want to be involved? Will you need volunteers? When do you want to hold the event or program? Where do you want to hold it? Should there be theme?

These are all questions to ask yourself about your fundraiser when putting the big picture together. Once you have established all of these details, develop a weekly or monthly timeline. Make sure to accomplish the tasks on time according to your timeline, all the way up to the day of your fundraiser.

Develop a Budget
Will there be any costs to organizing this fundraiser? How much will the food cost? Will it cost money to rent a space? Could you possibly get some of these costs donated for free? It never hurts to ask! These are all questions to be asking yourself when establishing your budget. And remember, we can help you establish some general numbers if needed.

Apply to the Foundation
You can see the finish line! You know what type of fundraiser you want to plan, who you want involved, where you want to hold it and how much it will cost. It is time to apply!

To fill out the electronic application form and answer the questions regarding your fundraising plans. If you wish to print out, you are welcome to email the form to Taylor Traviesa or fax it the Foundation office at 727-767-8510. Once you have submitted your third party application, the third party committee will review for approval and the third party coordinator will contact to you to discuss your plans further.

Promote and Publicize!
Once your fundraiser is approved by the third party committee, it is time to start a marketing plan. There are many ways to get the word out about your event. Distribute flyers around your community and local businesses. Draw up a press release to send to your local news stations and newspapers. Make sure to utilize social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. Utilize mass emails and don't forget about word of mouth! The Foundation may be able to help you out with some marketing tools. The third party coordinator can provide you with more information.

Time for Fun
It's time to conduct your fundraiser! Remember to keep the goal in mind, have fun and make some memories that will last a lifetime.

But the Work Isn't Over
After the fundraiser, make sure to collect all outstanding funds and pay any outstanding costs. Please contact the third party coordinator regarding the net funds within 60 days of the event.  All individual checks can be made payable to All Children's Hospital Foundation. The individual from each check will receive a thank you letter form the Foundation including our proper 501c3 status information for tax write off purposes.

A Thank You Goes a Long Way
The most important rule to putting on a Fundraiser is to thank everyone who helped you a long the way. This includes and donors, volunteers, supporters, participants, etc. The Foundation can provide you with a Thank You letter template that you may customize for your supporters.

How About Next Year?
Think about how the event could be more successful in the future, possibly if it is done on an annual basis. Consider holding a wrap up meeting with some supporters to gather feedback and evaluate. Brainstorm new ideas and set the date for next year's event!