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Here are some suggestions for fun and easy fundraisers:

Lemonade Sale
This is a great fundraiser for kids to organize, especially during the summer.

Garage Sale
Make it a neighborhood event! Then donate a portion or all of the proceeds back to All Children's Hospital.

Bake Sale
Some people just can't pass up on sweets. This is a great fundraiser for a church community, school or service group.

Event Party Favors
Have a reason to celebrate? Instead of party favors, consider making a donation back to All Children's Hospital in honor of your guests. Provide your guests with announcements with fun text like...
"We are so happy you are here to celebrate with us today. Because you mean so much to us, we have made a $3 donation in your name to All Children's Hospital."

Event Centerpieces
Next time there are wedding bells, use the table centerpieces as a take home gift. Place an envelope next to the centerpiece and inform your guests that all monies put into the envelope will be donated back to All Children's Hospital. The person with the largest donation can take the centerpiece home.

School Class Fundraisers:
1)    Bake Sale
2)    Car wash
3)    Bingo
4)    Walk-a-thon
5)    Jeans Day/Dress Down Day
6)    Spelling Bee
7)    Coin Drive
8)    Student/ Faculty Sporting Game
9)    Guitar Hero Competition